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October 21 2017

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hi again, tumblr. i’m zack, i’m a gay trans man, a jew and a russian immigrant. 

i’m 27 this saturday, i’m still legally homeless, profoundly disabled and without family support. and now i don’t have a bank account at all, bc my german one got closed without my knowledge. 

if you’d like to help me eat at least once a day, get to shul on shabbat and maybe have a nice dinner on my birthday, you can donate via paypal.

thank you very very much. please spread this around and like don’t feel bad if you can only spare £1 or so, every little builds up and helps. 

The remainder of my life could be marred by imminent abuse



Soon I’ll be admitted to hospital, where I’d faced horrific physical & psychiatric abuse for my disability.

For vital equipment to prevent PERMANENT harm, $1,411 absolutely MUST be raised before 8pm (ET) payment deadline TONIGHT.

**$712 REMAIN TO BE RAISED (corrected)**

I’m completely bedbound with CRPS [Medical reports], only able to leave bed carried on rigid support. I must bring a spine board for movements between beds during a necessary admission. Otherwise, hospital staff may forcibly move me, leading to far worse impairments like severe memory loss and loss of my limited independence.

The spine board could prevent a repeat of my mistreatment in hospitals w/ limited resources. In 2014, ill-equipped patient transport staff dragged me upright & forced me to walk (and collapse). When patient transport wasn’t arranged in 2013, hospital staff wanted to institutionalise me for lying down outside to wait for a taxi. While severely injured, I had to stumble outside a huge hospital campus to escape them and seek help from a stranger to get home. 

My previous GP feared that if such abuse reoccurred, resulting impairments may leave me with no choice but to live in a nursing home. To prevent similar mistreatment, the spine board must be purchased by 8pm ET today Oct 19, for interstate delivery before my hospital admission.

                                     PLEASE DONATE HERE
            Donations counter target: $14,957 AUD (corrected)
                      Count incl. EXPENDED old donations.

                                    Alternative donations page here
                             *************Pricing quote below************

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when you start writing a character’s inner monologue and he goes off on a tangent that culminates in character development you didn’t know you were gonna write like 15 minutes ago or planned but now here we are



i understand that white ppl feel anxiety about messing up around poc… you should because that’s what it means to start holding yourself accountable. i’m not saying it should rule your life. if it does, that’s something for you to reflect on and solve, not the poc around you

i don’t think (many) white people will ever understand the anxiety that we feel when we start being a little less stringently polite when talking about racism, when we name actions that maybe white people close to us know they’ve done. we live with this fear inside us that we’re being to aggressive, that if we even name our abuse, we ourselves, are doing something wrong, that the people in our lives will turn on us for demanding respect

this is why woc talking about such sensitive topics are not a teaching moment for white people. it’s something you can’t simply understand with your own bubbling anxiety and desire to be a good person clouding your judgment. it’s not the time or place to teach or talk, when woc reflect on the specific trauma that comes from leftist spaces, from the white women who position themselves as our allies but fail to do the necessary self reflection that allows them to treat us with respect and dignity

if you see a post detailing trauma & abuse from you, not the individual, but the group you are nevertheless a part of (white people, white women), sometimes the only action you can take is nothing visible. your input, your “help,” your “uplifting,” your whatever, is not needed, and only derails the conversation. conversations about healing, catharsis, shared experiences for woc; they’re not supposed to be a warning to white people. they’re for us. we shouldn’t have to be thinking about, catering to, worrying about you in these conversations. 

i’m not saying you must avert your eyes and never read these things. only read them. read & reflect & think about how you can become a better person rather than what you can do to make sure you appear a better person. sometimes the only absolution for what you’ve done will come in the will to change yourself

i know that not everyone clicks on the source, and i talk way too much in the tags, but the ww reblogging this really need to consider my tags:

#also this is ok for white ppl to reblog but pls don’t put a fuckening “im white tag” or “we need to stop” or whatever on it

i don’t want to think about the fact that you’ve been doing this before and want to remind yourself how easy it is to treat us badly (wtf). the entire point is you need to do more silent contemplation. it’s distressing for a number of reasons i can’t fully name and shouldn’t have to, but mostly i don’t want to worry whether my posts are enabling you to think you can keep separating yourselves from other white people. don’t treat us as scions of knowledge living on a mountaintop rather than real women who are just tired and want some fucking peace


i posted this on twit but i’ll do it here too:

here’s the hot take: the fact is, a lot of artists grow up only drawing white characters. even artists of color, due to internalized racism telling them how people SHOULD look.

and I don’t think not knowing how to draw or color poc features makes you a racist. It’s okay to admit you just don’t know how, but refusing to take the opportunity to learn isn’t acceptable.

I’m willing to admit I’m a prime example of this! I’m black + latinx, and I didn’t know how to draw anything besides upturned, small, ‘white’ noses. I recognized this, and learned how to draw broad noses. I got over myself and put in the effort, and being able to draw different facial features has only improved my art.

being too proud to learn how to do things, especially how to diversify your art, isn’t going to get you anywhere as an artist. Get over yourself and get practicing!


black character:

you fucking gremlins, every time:

October 20 2017

I get so easily confused and it makes life so difficult.

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Sonequa Martin-Green for CBS Watch! Magazine September-October 2017 issue

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recently i got into a comics anthology even though i technically applied uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a few days after the deadline and you just finished looking at the submission i did !!!!! thank you !!!!

its for the wayward sisters comic anthology, a collection of monster stories by and about women and nb creators - the kickstarter ends on nov. 10 in case you wanna snag your own copy with these rats in HD ( and more importantly a huge bunch of other fantastic stories that probably arent about rats. theres 25 of em in there !!! who can say !!!! )

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The Princess And The Frog concept art by Armand Baltazar (x)

Click here to support Help Make Mayu a US Citizen organized by Mayuko Mizutani





my name is mayu & i am studying to environmental engineering to pursue a career in climate science and renewable energy development. i would love to get an internship in these areas, but most energy research-related l internships in the US is in federal departments. unfortunately i am not a citizen, only a permanent resident, so i cannot even apply to be considered for these internships.
as a low-income student, i cannot pay for the application fees alone. please consider a moment to support me & in my endeavors by donating some money to me at paypal.me/mmizutani. if you can’t donate, please reblog!

[GoFundMe Currently:

$760 of $900 goal]

It’s been 5+ days since any donations. Pls donate if you can.

It has been 28+ days since there were any donations. Please donate.

It has been a month since there were donations. Please donate.



ive been gone for a bit and i feel my blog is dead… anyone whos still here: promo me?

im elle and im an illustrator! i draw monsters n angels

October 19 2017


October is Down syndrome awareness month and I can’t believe I haven’t said anything about it yet! Continued advocacy and support for individuals with DS and related charities is a part of the reason that such huge social and medical advances have been made in the past few decades.

The National Down Syndrome Society envisions a world in which all people with Down syndrome have the opportunity to enhance their quality of life, realize their life aspirations, and become valued members of welcoming communities.

It would mean so much to me if y'all could help by donating or sharing my Facebook fundraiser! ❤



i hate asking for help so much it’s why i suffer 


the bae’s knaes

October 18 2017

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I’m a big supporter of self care, but I also want to motivate people to challenge themselves to improve and get things done! 🌸✨I hope you all figure out your balance!

I’m 80/100 patrons to my 1st goal on Patreon! 😭💕 If you like my comics, join the Chibird Club on Patreon for as little as $1 or a coffee and help keep Chibird going! 

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fucked up how cooking and baking from scratch is viewed as a luxury…..like baking a loaf of bread or whatever is seen as something that only people with money/time can do. I’m not sure why capitalism decided to sell us the idea that we can’t make our own damn food bc it’s a special expensive thing that’s exclusive to wealthy retirees but it’s stupid as hell and it makes me angry

bread takes like max 4 ingredients counting water and sure it takes a couple hours but 80% of that is just waiting around while it does the thing and you can do other things while it’s rising/baking plus im not gonna say baking cured my depression bc it didn’t but man is it hard to feel down when you’re eating slices of fresh bread you just made yourself. feels like everything’s gonna be a little more ok than you thought. it’s good.

bread is amazing and it’s also been sold to us as something really hard to make? Every time I tell someone I made a loaf of bread I get reactions like “you made it yourself???” and “do you have a bread machine then?”
I haven’t touched a bread machine in probably 10 years.
You CAN make your own bread, folks, and it’s actually pretty cheap to do so. I believe the most expensive thing I needed for it was the jar of yeast. It was about $6 at the grocery store and lasted me MONTHS (just keep it in the fridge.) The packets are even cheaper.
destroy capitalism. bake your own bread.

You can also make your own yeast by making a sourdough starter, so that cuts cost even more.

But you have to feed the starter daily/weekly and that means it grows quickly, but there are tons of recipes online for what to do with your excess starter. Cookies, pretzels, crackers, pancakes, waffles, you name it!!

Here’s a link to The Home Baking Association’s site. It has recipes and tips.


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