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February 07 2018

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Art G.Shvecova (Design graphics - Purple space_260118)

February 05 2018



So you might be saying: Lion why a guide on drawing black people? Well young blood it’s because a lot of people cant…seem…to draw…black people..Amazing I know. 


Racist (caricatures) portrayals of black people have been around forever, and to this day people can’t seem to draw black people like they are human. If your artwork resembles any of the above even remotely your artwork is racist and offensive. If you try to excuse that as a stylistic choice you’re not only a terrible artist, but racist too!!! Congrats.


Whitewashing is also a problem. A lot of people refuse to draw black features on canonly black characters. While this example isn’t colored, lightening the skin-tone of a character is also considered whitewashing. So lets start with features!


Now all black people have different noses thats a no-brainer, but black noses tend to have flatter bridges, and wider nostrils. Please stay from triangular anime noses and small button noses. Your drawings should not depict black people with abnormally large noses. (Especially if you do not draw other characters this way)


If you feel like the way you draw lips on black characters is offensive or resembles a caricature,it probably does and you should change it. ABSOLUTELY AVOID PLACING LIPS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE FACE. 


Hair is so diverse! Please get used to drawing braids, locs,kinks and coils! If you can learn to draw ringlets and long waves you can learn how to draw black hairstyles.


Add clips! Learn how to draw baby-hairs and never be afraid to add color Pinterest and Google are free my dudes! Also try using square brushes for blocking in coils.



How to deal with kids (without hitting them)



1. The Best Defense is a Good Offense: Be proactive with children’s behavior. 

Don’t wait until a child is in the middle of a meltdown in the toiletries aisle of Target. Try to be aware of how different situations and stimuli might affect kids of different ages. A few tips: 

  • Kids, especially toddler age kids, struggle with transitions. Give them a clear time table and stick to it. Give them updates as deadlines approach. “We are leaving the library in 5 minutes.” “We need to go see Grandma in 10 minutes.” “Target will only take 20 minutes.” 
  • Getting toted around by adults can be exhausting and frustrating. Give kids tasks to do. Put them in charge of something. It can be something actually helpful (you get to hold the calculator and keep track of how much money we are spending in the store) or something fun to keep their mind busy (count all the blue things in this aisle.) Talk to your kids. Help them feel involved, instead of just a tote bag. 
  • Model self care and emotional awareness. Kids are often dealing with SUPER new emotions, and may not know how to recognize them, contextualize them, or act on them. Talk through your own emotions, or emotions you think they may be having, and show them how to deal with them. “Yeah, I know, mommy is really sad that we can’t go to the park because of the rain. It makes me feel really bad inside. I think if we color with crayons for a while, I’ll feel better.” 
  • Give kids choices. Obviously, age plays a big part here, but a reasonable, curated set of appropriate choices gives kids a growing feeling of agency and teaches making good choices. “Would you like peas or green beans?” “Penguin Shirt or Turtle Shirt?” “Water or apple juice?” This requires YOU to also speak with and listen to the kids. Always important. 

Be aware of how the children in YOUR care react to things, and find ways to mitigate “bad” behavior before it happens. 

2. “Punishment” is not the goal. Discipline means teaching. 

Your goal, as a parent, as a teacher, as a baby sitter, is not to punish kids. Your goal is to help teach kids how to become thoughtful, responsible, and kind people. The entire idea of kids “deserving” bad things because they’ve “been bad” is flawed. If a kid does something “bad”, then we should aim to help them not make that bad choice again. 


  • Identify any immediate stimuli or situation causing the bad behavior and remove/alter it so the behavior stops. This might mean leaving an errand unfinished, a time out, taking away a toy, etc, in order to STOP the behavior that is happening RIGHT NOW. 
  • Talk to the child about why their behavior was “bad.” What bad affects could it have? How does it affect others? What caused it? Kids, even very young kids, can understand complicated things if explained in terms on their level. 
  • Come up with a plan for what to do next time the original stimuli or situation happens. If Timmy tries to take your truck again, what can we do differently? The next time we are in line at the bank, what can we do to make it more fun? 
  • If the child is older, and the offense is more severe, you may feel the need for a tangible consequence. Remember that these should be age appropriate, reasonable, and negotiable. Give kids the ability to reduce their consequence with good behavior, and be willing to modify the consequence if they have a compelling and reasonable request. Listening to kids and being empathetic is not a weakness. It is a sign of respect. 

3. Don’t forget that kids are people. Kids are also kids. 

Kids will not be perfect angels. You will not be a perfect adult. Sometimes they will be cranky, angry, tired, hungry, selfish, or mean. You can be these things to. One bad day doesn’t mean you are a failure, and it doesn’t mean the kids are a failure. You have to let kids have bad days sometimes. You have to love them anyway and be willing to give it a fresh go tomorrow. 

Working with kids is not easy. No one said it would be. But part of working with kids is the obligation to always be thoughtful about our interactions with them- we teach them with everything we do. So we should treat them with all the respect, kindness, thoughtfulness, and patience we want them to learn. 

Today a child threw a tantrum at the library because she wanted to be read a story right then and there, and got very upset and loud when her father refused, and I was fully expecting a terrible half-hour of screaming, but he dealt with it interestingly:

  • told her each time that no he couldn’t this time because they didn’t have the time right now (= explained why), but he would read her a story at home, they were gonna have all weekend (= consolation)
  • told her that she was bothering other people and “hurting our ears” with her screaming, and we hadn’t done anything wrong, we just wanted some peace and quiet, so she needed to stop screaming
  • only after reasoning had absolutely no effect and she just continued to scream in insistence, he resorted to threats: if you keep doing this, we’ll give back all the books and go home without anything and you won’t get any story at all. Of course, she was still too angry to stop, so he was very slow about it, giving her multiple chances to stop and avoid this, but also did stick to his word: “i’ll count to three and if at three you’re still yelling I’ll put back this one book. *slooow counting, waiting for her responses* okay, bye this book. are you done now or shall I put the others back too?” (= consequences, but giving her a chance to salvage it)
  • eventually he did just put down the entire pile of books and they left, but he told her: “Ok that’s it, now we’ll go return daddy’s books in the adults section, and if you’ve calmed down by then, we’ll come back and get your books. If not, no books. understand?” (= still a chance to salvage the situation)
  • the whole time talking to her calmly and using very simple age-appropriate wording, and at one point he started speaking to her in third person which sounded like a thing-between-the-family-that-she’s-familiar-with.

Basically, never being mean or cruel, but firm, showing that he was fully ready to apply consequences for her misbehaving, but giving her the chances to not screw up her entire weekend for 5 minutes of disappointment getting the better of her emotions.

(They were back 10 minutes later and she was totally calm and happy again and she got her books.)



apparently there’s an important episode of football on this weekend

Yes, the football fandom is going nuts. Lots of cosplaying going on.  Tickets to the con are outrageous, though.



The sun is probably the closest thing we’ll ever have to a true Eldritch Abomination. Hear me out here-

  • Older than recorded history; was here longer than any of us and will be here long after we leave. Has a finite beginning and end but is still incomprehensibly ancient
  • Burns itself into your vision instantly and can blind you if you look for too long
  • Further prolonged exposure can cause cancerous growths
  • Non-humanoid shape floating through space; colossal flaming tentacles angrily lash out on occasion
  • Sort of just appeared one day and is now surrounded by the corpses of its stillborn children
  • People used to sacrifice other people to appease it
  • Pretty sure it screams at us sometimes

Well. Shit.

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Favourite Disney Characters - Lady Adelaide Bonfamille

I remember seeing her for the first time as a child and her grace and beauty blew my mind and that’s when I knew I wanted to be like her when I’m her age

okay but, Adelaide is seriously one of the most gorgeous Disney ladies ever to be created. Look at this effortless grace and style, look how elegantly she carries herself, and how she’s always smiling and being kind.

Her beauty isn’t just about her looks (which are killing too) but the fact that she has utter elegance and grace. Also the fact that she was a former opera singer, and I’m naturally attracted to theater people.

And she also builds a shelter for all stray cats in Paris and this woman is seriously the best.





if you want to buy moonstone jewelry like…please be aware that half the people on etsy and wherever selling “moonstone” jewelry are actually selling you opalite which is just….glass with added effects. moonstone and opalite are not the same thing lol….so many people are getting ripped off on etsy because of this and it kind of bothers me

this is real, natural “rainbow” moonstone: 

this is opalite, which is synthetic opalised glass:

I’ve been trying to warn people about this for years! It’s such a huge issue, just like heat-treated amethyst being sold as ‘citrine.’



“Without selling microtransactions on top of $60 games, the AAA games industry just cannot survive!”

February 04 2018




Wearing pyjamas to bed = equipping the most visually appealing armour.

Wearing comfy clothes to bed = equipping the statistically best armour.

Wearing jeans to bed = equipping an awful piece of gear for a crucial stat increase or buff.

Wearing nothing to bed = speedrunner.

I love this because it implies that going to bed requires combat

The fight for sleep and good rest


*remembers something from my childhood*

Me: now… how OLD was I when that happened?? Like 12 I think??

Me to me: you have said that about every childhood memory. You can’t have been 12 for everything you experienced

Me: yeah 12 sounds about right


Being visible is the worst! Having a physical form is abominable! Public spaces are a nightmare! If you see me outside no you don’t!

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Damn, this is so good


Happy Black History Month

COME ON! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾 so happy waking up today!

February 03 2018

February 02 2018


Reminder: Don’t let your brain bully you, sometimes our minds are cruel to us. You deserve to live, you deserve to eat, you deserve to express your feelings. People do like you! You’re doing a pretty good job, and you are worth more than you give yourself credit for.

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me, not distracted almost all day: I’ll definitely be able to watch critical role today

me, gets distracted literally right before it happens and forgets:

me just now remembering I was gonna watch it:

Breaking Astrology Down


Your Sun is about yourself.
Your Moon is your heart.
Your Rising is how you look.
Your Mercury is the way you think.
Your Venus is how you love.
Your Mars is how you deal with life.
Your Jupiter is your luck.
Your Saturn is how you discipline yourself and your responsibilities.
Your Uranus is how unique you are.
Your Neptune is your imagination.
Your Pluto is your transformation.
Your Chiron is how you heal.
Your Ceres is how you take care of yourself.
Your Pallas is your relationships.
Your Juno is beauty and Influences.
Your Vesta is your potential and your organization.
Your North Node is how you develop in your current life.
Your South Node is how you developed in your past life.
Your Midheaven is your career, how others view you.
Your Lilith is your hidden emotions.

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