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March 07 2017

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Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen at the Met Gala, 02/05/2016

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Zelda no Densetsu: Breath of the Wild / The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo EPD
Platform: Wii U, Switch
Year: 2017





s/o to my anxiety for keeping my impulsivity in check

and to my impulsivity for breaking through my anxiety

#my brain is an intricate ecosystem which is on fire


ANYWAYS, let girls be hairy, let girls be fat, let girls be trans, let girls be gay

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Blizzard literally just made me a god.

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I drew this for a friend who really liked Reaper when they were down. It seemed to help a lot. Recently, I haven’t been feeling all that great myself, and looked at my own lil’ Reaper doodles here to remind myself of a few things I try and tell others. 

I figured maybe some of you could use it too. So I’ll post ‘em. 

This was probably my first time ever drawing that mask. Started to get the hang of it when I got to the last panel. 

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“are you wearing the-”

“the chanel boots? yeah i am”

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Jesse and Hanzo.

March 06 2017


my boss: *giving me critical instructions* you got that?

me: ya

me (in my mind): you make a loop de loop and pull, and your shoes are looking cool :) you go over and back, left to righ



me as my soul exits my body and enters the Astral plane: i’m coping i guess ?????




and once again we are at high risk of being evicted lol

i need to come up with 250$ by the 10th or we’re gonna get an eviction notice. if youre inclined to help our paypal is lroselalonde@aol.com

Emergency Traditional Commissions


Hey folks. My computer is down and parts may be required. I’ll be taking some traditional commissions to pay for anything I may need computer part related or otherwise. (I use my digital commission money to pay for bills/food/other to!)

I draw warcraft characters, talbuks, pets, furry, custom pony, and many other works in all fandoms. I am not limited to one. If you have an OC and you want it drawn in my style contact me! *These are single character commissions. Couples have addtional costs*

Prices include shipping/Pay Pal Fees. You get this art sent to your home to keep and its one of a kind unique!

I’ll have 5 open spots for these commissions. (So I won’t get overwhelmed and have something to do while my computer is being fixed.)






My normal Commission TOS still applies to my traditional ones. Interested in purchasing? You must have paypal and contact me via nighte@gmx.com here on tumblr or on twitter.

Thank you again for looking and anyone who can’t purchase if you would boost I would be greatful!

Prices and more examples will be under the cut/read more beneath the images below.


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its 2:31am. im thinking about the fact that ive never met a woman who hasn’t been treated like shit by a man. u ever think about that? u ever think about the fact that its a defining experience of womanhood to be subjected 2 the cruelty of men? that every woman knows that fear, that pain, that anger, that sadness? nothin breaks my heart more than that

March 05 2017

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You Know I Gotta Get My Schmogle!

Every CampingMan Has His Trusty Gorp.

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love birds <3




I love when I’m studying outside and a bee is like “flower? r u a flower? I check! is laptop a flower? i check! No one here a flower… ciao!” and I wave goodbye saying thank you for visiting little bee!

Bees don’t think in English you fools. You imbeciles.

The bee said ‘ciao’ it’s obviously Italian


I thought the Bermuda Triangle was going to be a bigger problem in my life when I was younger

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In my head I want Lucio to be everyone’s biggest fan and he legit fanboys out after meeting them.

Nondescript Numbani background because Orisa took like 5 hours to draw 

help my hand hurts 

I could really go for some Lucio-oh’s right now!


and yes, but what a shame, what a shame the poor groom’s bride’s into vore

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I 100% think that if you went inside, you would walk into a normal sized one. It would be seemingly normal, with everyday employees and shoppers. And you’d wander around and almost forget the weird beginning of this adventure, buy a DVD, and then step back out into this field.

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