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June 26 2017

Agreeing with Blaire White





Nonbinary isn’t seen in animals or nature.
Genderfluid isn’t seen in animals or nature.
Genderqueer isn’t seen in animals or nature.
Agender isn’t seen in animals or nature.
You can actually meet a transgendered person.
You can actually meet a cisgender person.
You can actually meet a man.
You can actually meet a woman.

You can identify however you want but please realize you won’t get representation because it doesn’t exist.

Gender as a WHOLE concept isn’t seen in animals or nature, it’s a fabrication of the human mind to try and rationalize the common differences between humans. This post is cheap trans antagonistic bait with hardly a shred of critical thinking.

Words and language are concepts not seen in animals or nature, so let’s stop talking and just interact with each other using grunts and screeches.

Clothing is a concept not seen in animals or nature so Clothes Aren’t Real, if you wear Clothes you’re A Special Snowflake™️

June 25 2017





why are yall not talking about the information yall don’t know? yall fake

Watch the people who haven’t seen this yet not reblog it


if you don’t reblog this negative, guilt-tripping, un-fact-checked post about something you don’t have the emotional energy to deal with, just unfollow me.


tumblr users: let us add pics on mobile! do something about the nazis! stop making useless fixes to things that aren’t broken!
tumblr @staff: With Our New Safe Mode You’re Not Allowed To Look At Ducks And Being Gay Is Illegal But You Can Still Look At Genitals Against Your Will

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update: they’re denying her services because of her posting about her mistreatment.

if you have money to spare and can help her out, you can: cashme, paypal, amazon wishlist. here’s her twitter for updates.

This actually extends to Australia too. Most of the Salvation Army stores that I worked for were absolute trash. It’s literally all about profit. They had volunteers that were good of course. Even a few paid workers with a heart, but the higher ups are there for profits. My manager used to make me sell costume jewelry as if it were real gold. People were straight out lied to.
“We have a quota we have to meet each year.” Such a joke. And never forget that the Salvo’s are also notoriously homophobic. Trash. Trash. Trash.

I wondered how it was in Australia. Signal boost.

June 24 2017


It’s so weird to think how five years ago Despicable Me started out as a passable but enjoyable movie about a super-villain raising three little girls but has literally devolved into nothing but an unforgiving minions franchise

June 23 2017

Help Please? (Emergency commissions and Donating)


Hey so my fiance’s laptop broke recently, which wouldn’t be that big of a deal except for the fact that we’re in a long distance relationship and that cut off his main way of being able to communicate with me. We also often sleep in a skype call together because we have anxiety about sleeping alone, so it’s going to be really hard on us both. Currently I’m looking for a job and he just got one, but won’t be paid for another two or three weeks. We don’t have any way to buy him one right now or in the near future.

We’d really appreciate if you guys could help us in some way? All we need to get is $300 and we can get him a new one. You could donate to my Ko-fi if you feel like being generous . However I’m doing emergency commissions where everything will be about $10 or less.

I’ll have all of the commission info under the cut.

I understand that getting a new laptop seems like a very dumb thing to try and get help to obtain, but he also needs it for college, and without his family supporting him he wouldn’t be able to have one. I would really like any help we can get, I will work hard getting commissions done if it means I can get anywhere near our goal. I’ll keep an update about how far we are from our goal and make a post if we make it. Honestly thank you to anyone who decides to help us out even if it’s not a life threatening thing. It’s just honestly really hard to have to live without someone you love.

Continua a leggere

June 14 2017

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The #1 reason I love lucio is because he’s got hair like mine. Loving his newest skin. 4C lucio CONFIRMED!!!!

i forgot his tattoo kill me omg 

June 12 2017

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A.C. Strip has long understood the significance of the diary his older brother kept as they fled the Holocaust with their parents. He turned it into a self-published book that he gave to his brother as a 90th birthday gift.

But Strip never considered the diary to be an important historical document. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is making him rethink that.

Strip’s brother’s journal is one of more than 200 diaries written by Holocaust victims and survivors the museum hopes to digitize and make available to the public with the help of its first crowd-funding campaign. The museum is seeking $250,000 for the project and will begin soliciting donations through Kickstarter on Monday, the birthday of the most famous Holocaust diarist, Anne Frank.

Read More: Here

Donate here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ushmm/save-their-stories-undiscovered-diaries-of-the-hol

If their goal is reached, their entire diary collection will be catalogued, translated, and published online for EVERYONE. They hope to stem holocaust denial by the power of so many readily-available firsthand accounts.

Please signal boost even if you can’t spare $5 to donate!

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Orlando honors the Pulse victims one year later

  • One year after the fatal shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, the Central Florida community came together on Monday to honor the victims through Orlando United Day.
  • Orange County, Florida, declared June 12, 2017 as Orlando United Day in honor of those affected by the attack. 
  • The commemorative day, which should be celebrated with “acts of love and kindness,” is “dedicated to honoring the memory of the 49 innocent Pulse victims, supporting survivors and recognizing the compassion and love that was displayed by the Central Florida community following the tragedy.” Read more (6/12/17)


when u catch urself thinking wistfully about dating and being in love and being c*ddled and how nice that would be




2 am to 10:30 am is prime sleep schedule

reblog this with your sign and preferred sleep schedule

#1 thing i have learned from this post? aquarius are fucking DISASTERS

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We mourn. We remember.  We stand with the LGBTQ community against hate and violence.

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don’t boop to live, live to boop

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how to look nonbinary


1. do you identify as nonbinary?
2. congrats you did it

Reblog if you’d rather have $45 than a gender

June 11 2017


use a beauty blender to dab your tears into your foundation for a beautiful natural and glowy look


This Pride month & anniversary of Pulse, please consider donating to orgs that serve LGBTQ people of color and immigrants, and Miss Major’s retirement fund!


people think just having your physical dick out is enough, you need to have your mental dick out too. and your spiritual dick? absolutely needs to be out. otherwise you’re just holding yourself back

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